Waversa WLAN EXT2 - Reference - Reference+


Waversa WLAN EXT2- Reference - Reference+ Filters

We have all three Waversa WLAN filters in demo stock that can be heard in action. Please call Terry at GC HiFi on 0419448452 to discuss or arrange a demonstration.

A deceptively simple product, but one that makes a HUGE difference to your network streamer. This product comes in three variants, the WLAN-EXT2 (RRP$1,995), the WLAN-Reference ($6,495) and the newer WLAN-Reference+ ($16,495). The concept with all three are the same - simply connect it inline with your ethernet cable from your router to your network streamer, and it'll suck all the noise out of the signal.

The other unexpected benefit was the speed of interacting with the streamers. No matter how we interacted with the steamer, be it the native app, Roon, Airplay - with the WLAN-Reference in line it was two or three times faster to queue songs, load and connect to it.

We were sceptical at first also - it seems too simple to make an improvement. After the listening test, it's hard to not hear the improvement. Something you definitely need to try.