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Whether you’re an entry level newby to the audiophile world, or a seasoned aficionado chasing the perfect sound, our range of professional level HiFi equipment will be sure to surprise and delight your eyes and your ears.

Set up in a customised listening space designed to replicate your own home listening environment, our by appointment listening events and 1 on 1 sessions will give you the opportunity to experience a soundscape unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. For bookings, hit the Book a Session below.

60 Years of High Fidelity in Music & Life

Some people (well not to generalise but I will just a little…in my experience, some younger people under 40) tend to think that 60 years of age is getting on a bit. Anyone over the age of 50 knows that you generally stop thinking about your age after 40 and just get on with it. In fact, at some point in time, most people realise that in the back of their mind they still think much like they did when they were in their 30’s with some added experience and wisdom thrown in for good measure.

Those of a similar age to me who had their formative musical years through the 60’s and 70’s experienced a revolution in music that not only changed the course of music but also our modern culture. Music wasn’t just a sometime thing, it was an all-time thing that inspired me every day. (I say all-time thing but then bikes and girls came along and music did have to share the stage for quite a while).

Much like the music legends of that era, music has kept me feeling young at heart my entire life. Having the chance to share my passion with others and create listening experiences that can transport people to another zone of fidelity was what inspired me to establish GC HiFi. The developments in technology over the past 20 years have been astonishing.

Come share a few moments with me and experience a new world of sound.

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