Switches, Switches and more bloody Switches!

Switches, Switches and more bloody Switches!

17 October, 2023

I could never be accused of not being focussed on putting together exceptional high end Streaming systems for music lovers.

As we all know listening to music for many people now either includes live streaming as a source or as is now often the case Streaming through the internet is their only source.

While there are many parts to making the most of a high-end Streaming system one very important component that is often overlooked is having a high end switch in your system before your Server/Streamer. Switches, depending on make and model can and will completely change a streaming system for the better and some times for the worse if one that isn't synergistic with the rest of your system is used.

Here are three very different high end Switches that can potentially turn a very good Streaming front end into an exceptional one.

Left is the Waversa SmartHub 3.

Centre is the Nordost Q-Net 

Right is the Melco S100 Mk2.
Waversa, Nordost and Melco Switches

Melco, Nordost and Waversa Switches

All three have their strengths and hearing is knowing, so be warned once you hear a very good streaming system with a well matched switch included it is very hard to unhear it. ... If you are interested in finding out more or having a demo to compare these three exceptional switches please contact me to discuss. .... Cheers Terry

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