Waversa SmartHub3.0 Switch


Waversa SmartHub 3.0 Switch

Gigabit switching hub with 4 ports and USB 1+2 ports with original development and unique structure

WSmartHub3.0 is fundamentally different from audio hubs that are made by modifying only the power supply and chassis to a regular hub.

Everything from the motherboard design to noise removal using an ultra-low impedance lithium-ion battery power supply, high-precision audio grade clock, independently developed chip, and network management is designed using Waversa Systems' proprietary technology.

Ultra-low noise design

  • Noise-free with 4 banks, 18650 x4 lithium-ion batteries.
    The biggest source of noise in typical switching hubs is the inexpensive SMPS power adapter (AC adapter).
    WSmartHub's internal power supply is 100% battery powered.
    Lithium-ion batteries have excellent electricity supply capacity, ultra-low impedance, and ultra-low noise, suppressing their own noise generation, and even eliminate noise flowing in from network cables, resulting in excellent sound quality improvement.
  • Equipped with audio-grade high-precision clock to minimize jitter occurrence.
    Most common hubs are equipped with an inexpensive crystal oscillator type clock.
    WSmartHub3.0 uses a high-precision OCXO clock (WSmartHub is a MEMS clock) used in high-end DACs, and is designed to minimize jitter generation and deliver excellent performance.
  • Vibration, heat radiation, and shielding achieved through aluminum uniboard cutting. 
    Aluminum unibodies are very expensive to manufacture. As expected from Waversa Systems, WSmartHub3.0 uses a finely crafted all-aluminum unibody case.
    The advantages of aluminum unibody are low vibration, heat generation, and excellent shielding effects.
  • Minimize all parts that generate noise, such as unused LED indicators.
    Generally, hubs have LEDs for each port to indicate the data communication status.
    However, from an audio perspective, this is still noise.
    With this in mind, WSmartHub does not use any LED indicators.
The design takes into account even the smallest details for sound quality.