We have here at GC HiFi a Vinius TVC-05 Preamp in our demo list for anyone wanting a private listening session. The Vinius come as either a XLR or RCA version. Please call Terry on 0419448452 to discuss or arrange a session.


In the TVC-05, Vinius Audio offer an extreme balanced preamplifier, created for lovers of XLR devices. Additionally, in order to ensure the ease of use of the device, they have motorised their 24-position switch, and is equipped with a stepper motor. The entire sound system remains passive, while the power supply is completely separated from the audio path. It only supports the CPU for motor control, motor and display. Just like the previous version of TVC 04, the whole design is made in accordance with the principle of directionality and selecting elements that prioritise optimal sound quality. In their opinion, the magnetic volume control is the best method, no matter what type of source you are connected to, as it provides the appropriate realism of acoustic experiences.


3 x XLR inputs

1 x XLR output

Regulation 24 steps every 2dB

Galvanic ground cut-off

EI 102 mm transformer cores

Primary and secondary windings

1/1 gain


Motorised switch

Digital display

Manual source selector


Width: 355mm

Depth: 390mm

Height: 118mm

Weight: 11kg

Power supply: 12VDC 2A


A microprocessor controls the motor, remote, encoder and display

Fitted with specially made transformers