Rhein Z1


Rhein Z1

Your Center of Digital Music, An Audiophile’s Ultimate Dream

High-performance music server with an advanced hardware mainboard, high-quality CNC aluminum alloy chassis, and optimized music server OS & software giving the pleasant user experience. Z1 is the ideal digital music center for your home audio network, as well as a solid computing node to serve versatile streaming services. Enjoy superior sound quality through your HiFi system.

New Update: Rhein Z1 is now officially MQA-supported and certified

Easy to Use, Pleasant User Experience

  • Stay connected to digital music – Play and enjoy anytime
  • Master your music server at your fingertips via mobile app, VitOS Manager
  • Install and enjoy various applications seamlessly
  • Essential core audio network to maximize your HiFi system’s sound performance

Mechanical Stability and Craftsmanship

Z1 is housed in the highest-grade CNC aluminum alloy chassis. Robust, vibration- and dust- free. No more excessive heat. Fanless, well-structured internal design provides efficient heat dissipation to keep the CPU and entire system running cool, but with zero fan-noise and extremely low electrical noise. A high permeability EMI absorber (> 120 @1MHz) is applied to reduce the noise from internal digital circuits including DRAM, CPU, etc.

Superior Hardware System and Mainboard

Z1 is born to pursue enhanced audio performance without any compromise.

  • High-performance yet low-power (6W) Intel CPU.
  • Advanced circuitry with high quality components.
  • Audio-grade SSD for system and music data storage. Noise-reduction via SATA signal optimization. Special-picked SSD modules with EMI absorber and special power regulation circuit inside to isolate the power noise from the SSD controller chip. 

Mobile App, VitOS Manager

  • Discover and configure the network settings of Z1.
  • Install and manage add-on packages on VitOS, including Roon Server (Roon Core and Roon Bridge), Spotify Connect, DLNA renderer & server, Orbiter Plug-in,… etc. on Z1.
  • Import the music files from a USB hard drive to Z1’s internal disk with the Music Importer feature.
  • Back up the stored music files to an external USB hard drive with the Music Backup feature.
  • Firmware update.