RCM Sensor 2 MK II Phono Stage


SENSOR 2 MK II Phono Preamplifier

RCM Sensor 2 is an extensive upgrade of the giant killing RCM Sensor Prelude that audiophiles have embraced with enthusiasm for its excellent sound quality and value for money. The Sensor 2 has the following improvements over Sensor Prelude:

  • Power supply is larger and outputs DC instead of AC
  • More capacitors in the PS for better stabilization of the current flow
  • Improved circuit design and layout
  • Higher quality IC's, Resistors and Capacitors
  • Theriaa style casework with no visible screws and low resonance design
  • More cartridge loading options
  • Improved grouding terminal
  • All contributes to much better sound.

The RCM Sensor 2 phono preamplifier provides precise RIAA equalization for cartridges in the range of 0.3 mV to 5 mV, and outputs a line level signal of 2 Volts at 1 kHz.

Easily accessible switches on the back panel allow the user to adjust cartridge load impedance, gain and mode of input stage (balanced or single–ended).

RIAA equalization is achieved via a passive split network with two separate RC filters, low noise resistors and 1% tolerance polypropylene capacitors.

To ensure high precision in the RIAA equalizer each component of the filter is hand picked and measured to guarantee a tolerance of less then 0.3 dB in the frequency range 20Hz – 20 kHz. This is done for every unit built so that the customer receives a unit sounding as good as the reference unit in the RCM laboratory.

All other components in the preamplifier are selected to ensure perfect channel balance.

Because of the extremely high gain capability of up to 76dB combined with a very low noise floor the Sensor 2 can amplify very low output MC cartridges with ease. Music emerges from a black background and images are finely crafted and spread out before you in a sound stage that is both wide and deep. Detail retrieval is exceptional and the ability to communicate Pace, Rhythm and Timing (PRAT) is very satisfying.

Sensor 2 performs at such a high level that it can be used in the most expensive audiophile systems, however its very reasonable price allows music lovers at all levels to enjoy the superb sound it produces.

RCM phono stages are now available for audition on the Gold Coast, please contact us at GC HiFi to arrange your own private listening session.

Technical Data

  • Input: RCA – Balanced and Unbalanced (selectable via switch)

  • Output: 1 pair Balanced XLR, 1 pair Unbalanced RCA (single ended)

  • Input sensitivity: 0.3 – 5 mV (selectable in 7 steps)

  • Gain: 52 – 76 dB (2V rms output at 1 kHz)

  • Input impedance: 20 ohm – 47 k ohm (selectable in 8 steps)

  • Input capacitance: 150 pF

  • THD: 0.01 % (1 kHz)

  • S/N: 85 dB (lowest gain settings)

  • RIAA linearity: +/- 0.3 dB (20 Hz – 20 kHz)

  • Output impedance: 70 ohm

  • Nominal output: 2 V rms

  • Maximum output: 8 V rms

  • Power Consumption 17 W

  • Preamplifier Dimensions W 245 x D 227 x H 110 mm, 3.5 kgs.

  • Power Supply Dimensions W 122 x D 230 x H 70 mm, 1.7 kgs.

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