PrimaLuna KT120 Tube – Silver Label x 8 .... Used


We have in stock 8 x PrimaLuna Silver Label KT120 Tubes that I had fitted to our demo PrimaLuna Integrated that has been long sold.
These tubes would have over 500 hours up on them but sounded excellent when I boxed them up a couple of years ago and then promptly forgot I had them. Asking price is $450 for the eight. The PrimaLuna KT120's were easily my favourite sounding tube.
Please contact me if you are interested in these KT120's or 8 x Tungsol KT150's that I also used in my demo PrimaLuna Integrated.
Please be aware that I'm only interested in selling all eight tubes together.
If you would like to purchase either the 120's or the 150's then please message me or call 0419448452.
  • Beam tetrode vacuum tube for audio amplification

  • Characteristics: High power with low distortion