Mola Mola Kaluga Mono-block Amplifiers


Kaluga Mono-block Amplifiers

Mola Mola HiFi components including the very impressive Kaluga Mono-blocks are now available in Queensland and Northern NSW, please call Terry at GC HiFi on 0419448452 to discuss the various models we have in stock and or to arrange a private demonstration and listening session.

Class D has never sounded so good. Come to think of it, neither has Class A

Mola Mola Kaluga Amplifiers are available for audition on the Gold Coast, please contact us at GC HiFi to arrange a private listening session.

Kaluga is based on world's most sought after class D technology: Ncore. Also designed by Bruno Putzeys, this circuit packs 20 years of research and experience into non-linear control theory.  Unprecedentedly low distortion, noise and output impedance combine into what scores of enthusiastic users unanimously describe as “no sonic signature at all”. Just music, glorious music. For instance, the two supposedly unassailable strongholds of class A amplifiers are linearity and output impedance, at high frequencies. Plotted below are the output impedance as a function of frequency and the output spectrum in a high power (400W), high frequency IMD test. In both cases Kaluga outperforms any power amplifier, regardless of technology, operating class or asking price, of which such test results are available.

The amplifier board is a Mola-Mola-specific design deriving from the famous NC1200 amplifier. The audio circuitry is trimmed to the bare bones and board-to-board connectors are eliminated in favour of soldering a pair of star-quad cables directly into the circuit board for the cleanest, lowest impedance connection possible. The input stage is moved to a separate circuit board that uses the same discrete buffers as those found in the Makua. The redesigned output filter sports monolithic capacitors whose dielectric stability is reflected in an impressively neutral and poised rendition.

The days of compromising power efficiency for audio performance are finally over: the Kaluga delivers definitive audio performance with power efficiency thrown in as a bonus.


  • Output power: 400 W/8 ohm

  • 700W/4 ohm

  • 1200W/2 ohm

  • Gain: 28 dB

  • Unweighted Signal/Noise Ratio: 128 dB

  • Distortion (THD, IMD): <0.003 % (all frequencies and power levels)

  • Input Impedance: 100 kohm

  • Output Impedance: <0.002 ohm (DF>4000), all frequencies.

  • Bandwidth: >50 kHz


  • Balanced and unbalanced input.

  • 2 pairs of Furutech binding posts, biwired directly to the amplifier PCB using Kubala·Sosna cable.

Dimensions and Weight

  • 200mm(W) x 110mm (H) x 335mm (D). Depth includes speaker terminals.

  • 7kg


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