Melco - S100 - Data Switch


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S100 Data Switch ... Hi-end Audiophile Grade Switch

Digital Music relies on perfectly timed data in a low noise environment to achieve
maximum performance. One critical component is all digital music systems is the
data switch which handles both the music data and control. The Melco S100 is designed and configured as an audiophile component without any IT compromises.

  • 4 x 100Mb ports, 4 x 1Gb ports & 2 additional SFP ports for optical fibre connections (Lumin)
  • Different ports optimised for different devices
  • 1.5Mb of packet buffer ensures stable connections.
  • Power supplies are external to the S100, giving great isolation and upgradeability
  • 215mm width component with rigid steel chassis, providing excellent mechanical stability
  • Perfectly suited to streaming audio, optimised for Tidal, Qobuz, Roon and computer Audio
  • Switchable LED (on/off) to ensure total control and minimum possible noise.

Available in Silver or Black Aluminium front panel