Kii THREE System DSP-Controlled Active Monitor Pair + Controller + Stands * Discounted to Clear


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Kii Three Active Speakers + Stands

We have in stock a pair of demo Kii Three Active Speakers with controller and cabling in high end gloss white, along with a pair of Kii 3 original stands, that is being heavily discounted. If you are looking for Kii 3's with full warranty and inclusive of postage then contact me on 0418691294 in business hours. ... cheers Terry
(we also have a pair of gloss white BXT's available).

Kii 3 speakers are now available for audition in Queensland, please contact Terry at GC HiFi on 0418691294 to discuss the very impressive Kii 3's or to arrange your private listening session of these class leading active speakers.


The Kii THREE is more than meets the eye. It's small enough and beautiful, so it can be easily integrated into modern living rooms. It doesn't take over your habitat like a huge old audiophile setup, there's no racks, no big towers, no cables to trip over. Instead there's intelligence! (includes Kii 3 speaker stands and Controller)

Kii not only use current technology to build a modern active speaker system, but they advance technology from the ground up where necessary and we employ it in ways no one has done before. What may look like a cute pair of speakers at first sight, is really an audiophile listening pleasure that outperforms other huge and way more expensive systems with ease.

The detailed clarity, the impressive phase/time response and most important the acoustical behaviour in the room, lets the listener dive right into the magical experience of a great record, more so than some of the best conventional (passive) setups are able to. All the innovations inside this speaker serve one single purpose: To be more truthful to the music!

But they didn't stop there. These days most people love the convenience of small, intelligent, portable devices that enable you to listen to your favourite song within a quick swipe on your phone as soon as you enter the kitchen or bedroom.

We stream music directly from any device our friends bring over for dinner and internet radio is the DJ of our parties.

All that is good evolution, because it get's more music into our life. Is there any reason why a great hifi system shouldn't be just as easy to use and integrate into your everyday life? We don't think there is!

Even the most impressive sounding hifi system can be self-explanatory, easy to use, connect to all modern gadgets and provide great music with the flick of a switch. Even if you play chess or are chopping onions on the side, there's no excuse for bad sounding speakers. The Kii THREE is a high end hifi system you will use everyday, on every occasion and for a lot of different purposes.

Whenever there's music on your mind, there should be great music in your home.

Standard Colours:

  • White High Gloss

  • Graphite Satin

  • Pro Grey Spatter

Optional Colours:

  • White Satin

  • Creme Satin

  • Silver Matt

  • Mineral grey High Gloss

  • Bronze Matt Metallic

  • Orange High Gloss

  • Cherry Red Satin

*Any other RAL colour available on request.


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