Antipodes K41 G4 Server


Antipodes Music Servers are now available on the Gold Coast for Audition, please contact us to arrange your private listening session.

K41 G4 Updated Music Server

The latest updated version of the Antipodes K41 is the “Server Apps Only” version of the current K50. The K41 includes improved server electronics and a new superior power supply. This delivers greater speed, detail and dynamics, together with better tonality and greater refinement. It is optimised for playing by Direct Stream Ethernet to a K21 Player, or directly to the Ethernet input on your DAC. An Antipodes K41 includes only the high power computation engine from the K50, and excludes the player engine and reclocker engine. Server Apps include Roon Server, Squeeze Server, HQPlayer Server, Minimserver, MiniDLNA, SONOS Server and Plex Server.

The biggest improvement you can make to your DAC, out of the three stages that can be completed by a music server, is to feed it from an excellent Server stage. For those wanting the ultimate USB output solution, the K41 and K21 combination are the recommended solution.

Use the K41 to play to your DAC’s Ethernet input, or to a K21, and/or to stream to devices on your network.

Insert your own SSDs or have your provider install them for you – up to 24TB. Add USB drives. Include music files located elsewhere on your network. Upload music files from anywhere on your network. Add internet streaming services. Attach an Antipodes K10 Ripper to import music from your CDs. All easily user-configurable to form a single integrated music library that is available to all the available playback solutions.

The K41 can stream to Player end-points that are compatible with Squeeze (Squeezelite), Roon (Roon Ready), DLNA/UPnP, SONOS, PLEX, and more.

Setup and control everything from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

            K41 CONNECTIONS

  1. Insert up to three 2.5" Sata SSDs. They will click securely in place.

  2. Dual USB Ports For External CD Ripper (eg. Antipodes K10)

  3. Two Servicing Ports

  4. Ethernet Connection to Network on RJ45

  5. Ethernet Connection for Direct Streaming to Streamer on RJ45

  6. Two USB Ports for USB Disks

  7. Mains Power IEC Inlet - User Switchable 110-120vac to 220-240vac