Auralic Vega G2.2 Streaming DAC


Auralic Vega G2.2 Streaming DAC

 Experience audiophile-level audio quality with the Auralic VEGA G2.2 Streaming DAC. Boasting AURALiC’s proprietary Fusion DAC structure and Direct Data Recording (DDR) technology, the G2.2 avoids all PLL circuit distortion and jitter, instead recording audio data in binary format directly into Tesla G3's system memory. Enjoy clean sound backed by Galvanic Isolation, a passive analogue volume control, and an analogue preamplifier.

The Auralic VEGA G2.2 Streaming DAC provides unparalleled listening with its cutting-edge technologies, Tesla G3 platform, and dual 60fs Femto Clocks, resulting in stunning detail, clarity, and precision that is free from distortion and jitter. State-of-the-art audio quality like never before.


  • AURALiC’s premier digital converter, the Vega G2.2 offers performance and features well beyond the normal. It’s a DAC, it’s a Streamer and it’s a highly capable pre-amplifier with HDMI eARC & analogue input;
  • Featuring AURALiC’s Unity Chassis II, this device tackles mechanical and radio frequency interference through engineering. Twin chassis, including a copper faraday cage, sophisticated galvanic isolation, heavy aluminium base plate and tuned sprung feet;
  • Incorporating AURALiC’s R2R fully passive volume control, not the standard Bit Reduction style utilised on most converters &;
  • Vega G2.2 is a key part of the G2.2 ‘Lightning-Link’ ecosystem, including Master Clock (Leo) input.

Streaming DAC

The VEGA G2.2 and G3 build upon the impressive features of their predecessor, the G2.1. They retain key features like AURALiC's proprietary Fusion DAC structure, Direct Data Recording (DDR), Galvanic Isolation, passive analog volume control, and analog pre-amplifier. The unique architecture of VEGA G2.2 and G3 eliminates distortion and jitter by recording audio data directly into the Tesla G3 processing platform's system memory, bypassing the original clock signal.

Both VEGA G2.2 and G3 incorporate the advanced Tesla G3 platform, boosting processing power and capabilities. Dual 60fs Femto Clocks power the DAC operation and time the Tesla G3's data output to the DAC. This results in an unparalleled listening experience with exceptional detail, clarity, and precision, free from distortion or jitter.VEGA G2.2 and G3 offer advanced features and exceptional performance, surpassing benchmarks and satisfying even the most discerning listener.

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