Auralic - Leo GX Premium - Reference Master Clock


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LEO GX Premium

Reference Master Clock

LEO GX Premium is a breakthrough in digital audio system clocking — the first master clock ever that can feed a DAC directly with a working signal so precise we had to use new benchmarks to measure its performance. Wider staging, pinpoint locational accuracy, and an expanded dynamic range are just some of the benefits you’ll hear when you implement LEO GX’s one-of-a-kind approach to clocking that literally bypasses the traditional limitations of internal DAC clocks.

LEO GX Premium Same as Leo GX Basic, with the addition of the "Premium Clock Cable". The LEO GX is such a precise clock, running at very high frequency, you will need the best interconnect cable to realize its full potential.

We created a cable specifically for LEO GX, made from 60GHz bandwidth military
aerospace-grade material and connectors. Handmade and precisely tuned, it
comes with a performance data report so you can be sure its specs are well
capable of the task at hand.