Argento Serenity Signature Interconnects


 Argento Serenity Signature Interconnects RCA & XLR

To discuss the Serenity Signature Interconnects please call me on 0419448452 

Serenity Signature Cable is the beginning for Argento but the performance achieved is clearly higher than virtually all competing cables at any price point.

  • Conductors are made of the purest silver featuring quasi-ribbon geometry, but have no edges resulting in a close to hyper-elliptic shape

  • One conductor is used for each polarity in the interconnects and several for each polarity in the speaker cable

  • Dielectric/vibration damper is proprietary Argento VDM (Vibration Damping Material) drastically reducing dielectric ill effects along with optimized vibration control

  • All conductive parts are cryo treated with liquid nitrogen

  • All connectors are custom designed and made by Argento

  • Handcrafted in Denmark with custom-made parts only

  • Available in RCA, XLR and Speaker cables

Serenity Connectors are custom designed and manufactured by Argento allowing them complete control over the quality and performance that would be impossible to achieve using off the shelf components.

  • Designed from A to Z by Argento Audio
  • Pure silver contacts made of the same type of silver as the conductors
  • Patent Pending contact pressure enhancing system
  • No solder used for joining conductors and contacts
  • Teflon dielectric superior to the commonly found plastic parts
  • One piece aluminium housing
  • Set screw strain relief