Argento Flow Master Reference AES-EBU


Argento Flow Master Reference (FMR) AES-EBU Cable


The Argento Flow Master Reference AES-EBU is now available to demo at GC HiFi. 

I could just cut and paste the usual manufacturer information release about the Argento FMR AES-EBU cable and that would be fine, however I'm not going too. Why? I don't think what they supply about this cable does justice to this stunning sounding AES cable.

Simply put out of all of the many AES cables I have had the pleasure of trying in our various systems here at GC Hifi the FMR is head and shoulders above any other AES cable I have heard to date.

Many Audiophiles look past AES EBU when deciding on what connection to use and I understand why as it is not a interconnect that is often now spoken about and that is a shame as to my ears no other connection/cable comes close, apart from i2S on some systems, but not every component has i2S or uses the same format and even then you need an exceptional i2S cable to come even close to the FMR AES-EBU for sound quality.

Yes I am a serious fan boy for this cable and my bet is if you have a listen to how it improves a high end sound system you will be too.

Beauty is in the eye of the holder and I freely admit the FMR AES EBU is no beauty to look at, but the difference it delivers in SQ has to be heard to be believed.

Call me on 0419448452 to have a chat about either the FMR AES cable or AES EBU cables in general.


Terry O'Neill