Antipodes K22 G4 Music Streamer/Server



ANTIPODES K22 G4 (Updated) Music Server

Antipodes Music servers, including the latest updated version of the K22 is now available for demonstration at GC Hifi on the Gold Coast, to arrange a demo or discuss the new K22 please call Terry on 0419448452. We also ship nationally for those who are not in Queensland or Northern NSW..

K22 G4 Overview

The K22 includes just the Player and Reclocker engines from the K50, to play to the USB, S/PDIF, AES3 or I2S inputs on a customer’s DAC. The K22 can also run Server apps, but is only medium-powered so is not suitable for very large libraries (>8TB) or heavy DSP functions. The K22 can have one SSD added by the customer (up to 8TB). The customer can upgrade later by adding a K41, improving Server app responsiveness and significantly enhancing sound quality.



USB Audio 2.0 Output
– PCM to 32 bit/768kHz
– DoP to DSD256
– Native DSD to DSD512

S/PDIF Output on RCA & BNC
– PCM to 24bit/192kHz
– DoP to DSD64

S/PDIF Output on Toslink

AES3 Output on XLR
– PCM to 24bit/192kHz
– DoP to DSD64

I2S Output on HDMI & RJ45
– PCM to 32bit/384kHz
– DoP to DSD256
– Native DSD to DSD512

Slide-in user installable storage – 1 Bay SATA up to 8TB 

Hardware Modules  - – V5.1X - R2i

Internal – 3 x HSL80.1 Power Supplies – Two (2)

AC Supply
– 110-120VAC 60Hz
– 220-240VAC 50Hz

Width – 445mm

Height – 78mm

Depth – 370mm

Weight – 11.5 kg

2 Years Warranty

Extendable to 3 years with Registration