Antipodes K21 G4 Server - Streamer


Antipodes Music Streamers/Servers are now available on the Gold Coast for audition, please contact us to discuss the newly updated K21 or to arrange your private listening session



The Antipodes K21 has along with the full range of Antipodes Streamer/Servers has been updated. Compared to the DX3, the K21 is faster and more dynamic, at the same time as providing greater detail and refinement. The K21 can be used as a very good Server-Player, running both Server apps and Player apps. It can also be used as a Player only, running just Player apps, teamed with the K41 running the Server apps, for exceptional performance.

We will be asked this question, so we will answer it now. The K30 will outperform the K21, in terms of sound quality. But a K41+K21 will, very decisively, outperform the K30. The K41+K21 compares more directly with the USB output on the K50, and which of these sounds better depends on the quality of the extra cables that you will need with the K41+K21 solution. But the K50 Digital Outputs remain the best sound quality option.

The K21 offers an excellent entry point to high-end computer audio, at well below the cost of a K30 or K50, and offers an easy upgrade to the top level by adding a K41 later.

The following diagrams illustrate the two recommended ways to use your K21

Your K21 can run both the Server App and the Player App, feeding a high quality USB signal to your DAC

Or stream to the K21 Player from a K41 Server for exceptional performance

Insert your own SSD or have your provider install it for you – up to 8TB. Include music files located elsewhere on your network. Upload music files from anywhere on your network. Add internet streaming services. Attach an Antipodes K10 Ripper to import music from your CDs. All easily user-configurable to form a single integrated music library that is available to all playback solutions selected.

Setup and control everything from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

                 K21 CONNECTIONS

  • Insert a 2.5″ Sata SSD. It will click securely in place

  • USB Audio 2.0 Output

  • Ethernet Connection to Network on RJ45

  • Two Servicing Ports

  • Two USB Ports for USB Disks or Ripper

  • Mains Power IEC Inlet – User Switchable 110-120vac to 220-240vac