ADOT MC01 & MC03


ADOT MC01 & MC03 Audiophile Fibre Network Connectivity Kit

About ADOT & where to audition it.

The ADOT MC01 kit is now available for audition and purchase here on the Gold Coast at GC HiFi. Please call Terry on 0419448452 to discuss the MC01 kit.
We know that analogue audio is delicate. What we sometimes don't know is, digital audio is just as delicate. Digital data needs to be treated with the utmost respect and care to achieve the results that today's high-resolution digital music files promise.
ADOT's technology is designed to isolate your delicate network based Hi-Fi components, with the use of Glass Fibre. Their plug 'n play optical fibre kits utilise high-quality duplex fibre in place of the noisy copper found in your LAN, effectively forming an isolating barrier for your networked hi-fi.
ADOT kits are designed to be placed between residential routers/switches and your hi-fi system, the kits receive the copper into a standard RJ45 socket and convert to Fibre out from an SFP port, this conversion eliminates the existing network noise and the Fibre continues the isolation, as unlike copper, it does not act as an antenna for interference.
These audiophile-grade kits are Plug and Play, and are suitable for use with all network connected audio systems, either NAS or streaming based.
The ADOT range of Audiophile Fibre Network Connectivity kits; for when copper just isn't good enough.