HESCHL - HAL 300 Amplifier


The Australian designed and built high end Heschl Amplifers are now available for audition on the Gold Coast, please contact us at GC HiFi to arrange a private listening session.

300 watt Stereo Power Amplifier

  • A truely exceptional High-end amplifier which is unequalled in it’s field.

  • A simplicity of design with sophistication of execution where every component has been optimised to deliver the best sound experience


Teamed with an Exceptional build quality to create a truly dynamic amplifier. Working tirelessly to perfect the synergy to create a truly exception listening experience.

Packed with a massive 1600VA custom wound torroidial transformer. This amplifier effortlessly delivers a continuous 300 watts per channel at 8 ohms (550 watts per channel – 4 ohms that is 2 ohms stable)