Argento Flow Master Reference Interconnects


Flow Master Reference Interconnects RCA & XLR

To find our more or demo Flow Master Reference Interconnects please call me (Terry) at GC HiFi on 0419448452.

Featuring all the breakthroughs of Flow and taking them another step further, the Flow Master Reference is the Argento Audio masterpiece.

  • Flow Master Reference Cable is in many respects several times what Flow already is both in construction and performance.

    • Three times as many conductor strands as Flow
    • Conductor polishing is now a triple process
    • Each polarity is now travelling in its own completely separate cable with VDM
    • The incorporation of separator spacers maximizes anti vibration performance and outside disturbances sensitivity
    • Annealed parts for even more improved contact and reduced resistance
    • All connectors are custom designed and made by Argento
    • Flexible design ensures no strain on equipment connectors nor the cable itself during regular use
    • Handcrafted in Denmark using 70 custom designed and custom made individual parts
    • Available in RCA, XLR and Speaker cables

    Flow Master Reference Connectors are custom designed and manufactured by Argento allowing them complete control over the quality and performance that would be impossible to achieve using off the shelf components.

    • Designed from A to Z by Argento Audio
    • Pure silver contacts made of the same type of silver as the conductors
    • Patent Pending contact pressure enhancing system
    • No solder used for joining conductors and contacts
    • Proprietary composite fibre reinforced dielectric utterly surpassing all other dielectric including Teflon in sound quality
    • Hollow male connector pins, longitudinally drilled in order to further eliminate residual skin effect
    • Staggering geometry precision ushering the best possible continuity for the audio signal between conductors and connectors
    • All parts made on high precision Swiss CNC lathes
    • One piece aluminium housing
    • Set screw strain relief