PrimaLuna EVO 300 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier


PrimaLuna EVO 300 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

 The preamp stage uses six hand-selected 12AU7 valves (2 x input, 4 x driver) – not

a vague nod to valves in the signal path, like most other hybrid amps, but a

properly engineered valve stage.


  • The dual-mono solid-state power section incorporates paired JFETs from Linear

Systems and specially manufactured MOSFETs, delivering (over) 2 x 100W into 8


  • Hardwiring is used extensively throughout the circuit design. Where PCBs are

required, these are of the highest quality – 2.4mm thick with 105um gold-plated

copper tracks.

  • The valve preamp stage includes two power supplies with separate transformers;

the solid-state power stage uses a dedicated 500VA transformer.

  • All power supplies benefit from PrimaLuna's 'AC Offset Killer' circuit, ensuring that

DC on the mains never causes the transformers to hum.

  • It incorporates circuit components of the highest quality, sourced from all over the

world from manufacturers such as Takman, DuRoch, Nichicon, Alps, Linear

Systems, Rubycon and Kemet.

  • The amp comes with six inputs (5x line-level RCA, 1x home cinema bypass). Tape

out and Sub out (Mono and Stereo). A fully shielded sub-chassis for the optional

PhonoLogue phono stage attaches to the underside of the amp.



Power 8 Ohm >100 Watts per channel (typical 115 Watts)

Power 4 Ohm >150 Watts per channel (typical 170 Watts)

Frequency Response 10 Hz – 80 kHz +/- 3 dB

THD < 0.2% 100W @ 8 Ohm

S/N Ratio -105dB (A-Weighted)

Input Impedance 34 kOhm

Input Sensitivity 415 mV

Total Gain 37.2 dB (7dB + 30.2dB)

Power Consumption 99 Watts (no signal in); 645W@4R

Weight Net weight: 55.1 lbs / 25 kg

Shipping Weight: 63.9 lbs / 29 kg

Dimensions 15.9" x 15.2" x 8.1" / 405 x 385 x 205 mm (L x W x H)

Shipping dimensions 22.7" x 18.4" x 12.4" / 578 x 468 x 316 mm (L x W x H)