HiDiamond Signal Cable Phono


HiDiamond Signal Cable Phono


Length: 1m

New High Performance Phono Cable for Analog Recorders. 4VRC © proprietary technology cable, with baking copper for four times so as to get a reduction in the inductance and capacity values.

Finished with high quality and large plating connectors, allowing for better signal transmission without leakage. All of these innovations bring an exciting sound result to precision and definition without ever being pungent. Primary dynamics and rumbling voices.

Surely the best value for money on the market today available in this price range.

Technical characteristics: External jacket mm.7; Number of Cond. 2; Cond.  Copper (4VRC); Capacity max. 126 nf/m.; Conductor Resistance: 7,5 Ohm/ 100 m.; Shield Resistance: 3,1 Ohm/100 m.