Aries Cerat Helene DAC


Aries Cerat Helene DAC

Aries Cerat high end HiFi components are now available in Australia at GC HiFi. To find out more about the Aries Cerat line of high end components please call Terry on 0419448452. 

The Helene is Aries Cerats newest and smallest D/A converter coming out of the Aries Cerat labs. Borrowing technology from the Kassandra Series, and with the addition of some tricks of it's own, we can guarantee that the Helene sets new unreachable marks for performance vs price ratio.

Descending from Kassandra Series, the converter banks are implemented around a matrix of eight R2R ladder d/ac (per channel), running in parallel. The two independent banks use eight R2R matrixes from the Analogue Devices AD1865NK, in current mode.

These are driven by our custom logic that handle the sync, data and work buses. The SuperClock technology used in our bigger models is also standard in our Helene dac, negating the use and need of an external aftermarket Word Clock. The USB input is double Reclocked as well as the digital inputs using the internal SuperClocks of the converter. The digital input Reclocker is as before, by-passable on the fly.

The converter uses no data processing, upsampling or oversampling, data is converted in their native sample rate and bit rate. 

Converter banks run in current output, thus IV conversion stage quality is detrimental to the SQ. The IV (current to voltage) stage is implemented by a special IV transformer with custom ultra-high MU core, directly modulating the bias circuits of the Analogue tube stage.

The analogue stage is again borrowed by the bigger models, and is a small SET amplifier, build around the E280F supertube, loaded by a custom special quality output transformer.

The analogue stage PSU uses /tube rectification using the GZ34 rectifier, while triple choke/film capacitors provide very low noise voltage rails for the SET amplifier. The tube is biased with triple filtered ultra-low noise bias circuits.

Power supplies of the digital and Analogue sections of the converter system are carefully designed around massive capacitor banks and extensive RF choking filters, distributed in all points of the circuit.


Specifications: Helene D/A-Converter

Output level at 0db:    10V   RCA or XLR (true balanced out)

USB input :                 Max 384Khz 32bit

Digital Input:              Any combination of S/pdif, AES-EBU, BNC

Output impedance:   100 ohm

 Weight (unpacked):  40kg